Acorn Hat

 I finished my sweater today, the Derry Raglan sweater from the New England Knits book…blocking right now so I thought I would post a new hat.  If I get enough interest, I will write the hat in other sizes…just drop me a note! Enjoy!!

Acorn Hat

gauge: 18 stitches= 4 “

Size: Fits toddler-small adult. In the smaller size, the acorn part of the hat can be worn as a slight beret styling.

Supplies:1 skein Bartlett yarns 2ply (210 yards) mountain green #402 -YARN A
 1 skein Bartlett yarns 2 ply (210 yards) dark sheeps grey- YARN B
 Size 9 16” circular needles and double pointed needles
 Stitch marker
 Tape measure



With yarn A cast on 72 stitches, place marker for joining in the round (be careful not to twist stitches). Knit in STST for 5”. Change yarn to B. First row is an increase row: Knit 2, Make 1 Knit 2, Make 1 (K5M1) repeat to last 4 stitches Knit 2 Make 1, Knit 2 Make 1. You now have 88 stitches.

The Acorn pattern:

 Rows 1-4 : (K4P4) repeat across

Rows 5-8: (P4K4) repeat across

Rows 9-11 (K4P4) repeat across

Row 12 (K1 K2tog K1 P4) repeat across – 77 stitches are left

Row 13 (P3 K4) repeat across

Row 14 (P3 K1 K2tog K1) repeat across – 66 stitches are left

Row 15 (P3K3) repeat across

Rows 16-18 (K3P3) repeat across

Row 19 (P3 K3) Repeat across

Row 20- (P3 K2tog K1) repeat across – 55 stitches left, switch to double pointed needles

Row 21 (P3 K2) repeat across

Row 22 (K3 P2) repeat across

Row 23 (K2tog K1 P2) repeat across 44 stitches left

Rows 24-25 (P2K2) repeat across

Row 26 (K2 P2) repeat across

Row 27 (K2tog P2) repeat across

Row 28 (P1 K2) repeat across

Row 29 (P1 K2tog) repeat across

Row 30 (K1 P1) repeat across

Row 31 (P1 K1) repeat across

Row 32 (K2tog P2tog) repeat across

Row 33 (P1 K1) repeat across

Row 34 (K2tog P2ttog) repeat across to last stitch and P1

Row 35 (K2tog) around-3 stitches left

Begin I-cord until desired length. Weave in ends

© Erin Demey/DizzDemey Designs. Not for commercial use.





About dizzdemey

a 29 year old stay at home mom obsessed with knitting. I sell my handknits on etsy at and want to get into the design world!!
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5 Responses to Acorn Hat

  1. Leigh-Ann says:

    Have you written patterns for newborn or baby for this hat yet? I would love this hat to go along with a baby sweater I knit that has an oak leaf on it!

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